Volunteering with CDNA

We welcome volunteers to our projects in the Azuero peninsula of Panama. Send us a message with your name, date of birth and 2 references' contact info.

Our Team

to become a volunteer

Our organization puts lot of time and energy in preparing our volunteers, for we ask a weekly donation of $150 to cover communal living expenses(no food included), transportation and the material for workshop training.
Or, you can find your own housing and reduce the donation cost to $50.00 weekly.

Explain in 100-500 words what kind of projects you are interested to work on and why you are interested in volunteering with CDNA in Panama.

*Note: Since our goal is to focus in our on-going projects until they become sustainable businesses, we are not always able to accept people who want to start their own projects. However, we welcome ideas for future plans.

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