Community Development Network of the Americas is a non-profit organization based in Missoula, Montana. Its purpose is to undertake community base sustainable projects in the Western Hemisphere. Projects are undertaken for the purpose of sustainably to improve public health and the quality of life for the poor.

The initial work will be in the Azuero peninsula of Panama. Projects planned at the origin of this organization include providing potable water to rural communities, educational programs, improved small scale agricultural practices, rural sanitation, and facilitating health care services.

CDNA mission
Our idea is that we start projects with seed money from CDNA donors however the community and local leaders will continue the projects after the initial seed money has been used.

The philosophy of the organization places a very high value on effectiveness and sustainability, so involvement of community leaders and community members in the projects is integral.

who do we work with

In Panama, CDNA currently works in partnership with two on-site organizations, Niños de Azuero (NIDA) and Medo.

Niños de Azuero: Also referred to by the English name, Children of Azuero, the program strives to bring access to public health and community development projects to the impoverished areas of the Azuero Peninsula in Central Panama. NIDA strives to support sustainable projects that are locally designed and locally run. The initial regions that NIDA is focusing on are Las Minas, Portobelillo and the urban and semi-urban areas of Chitre. CDNA works in partnership with NIDA.
For more information visit: wwww.nidapanama.org

Medo: Medo's mission is to promote the sustainable development of the District of Besiko by recruiting specialized international volunteers to empower community members with educational programs and to collaborate with educational programs, community groups, and other organizations on projects in the areas of education, health, environment, and cultural promotion. CDNA has done some work with MEDO, here is their online report
For more information visit: wwww.medo.org

where do we work?

Panama is a small country in the south of Central America. In Panama, the two organizations we currently work with, NIDA and Medo are located in culturally distinct regions of Panama. NIDA works in the Azuero Peninsula by the Pacific coast. Medo works in the Darien Jungle, by the Atlantic coast.

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